KHS HOSA State Leadership Conference

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The Kingman High School Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) recently attended their state leadership conference and competitions to test the skills they are learning while in high school.  Students can choose between 58 different competitions at the state level.  If they place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an event, then they can represent the state of Arizona at a national conference and competition.  This year’s national conference is in Orlando, Florida, the end of June.

Representing Arizona from Kingman High will be:  Brett Olson – silver medalist in Home Health Aid competition, Brittany Burgess – bronze medalist in Clinical Specialty – Preoperative CAN, Samantha Jacques and Meagan-Ann Baptista – Public Health – Opening Pandora’s box on mental illness, and Trudy Massie and Brett Olson – on current events in the medical field.

Placing 4th in Parliamentarian Procedure competition were Jonathan Marquez, Spencer Taylor, Skyler Burgess, David Caddick and Daniel Lavertue.

Kingman High had 17 members complete career research criteria for bronze membership; their scrapbook – a record of events the chapter participated in this year – was awarded “gold” for being an outstanding HOSA chapter, and the entire chapter received the honor of “gold medal chapter” for the medical events, medical-related field trips, leadership activities and community service projects they participate in throughout the school year.

The advisor for Kingman High HOSA is Carol Gunnerson.

Lake Havasu SkillsUSA Club sending 10 students to National Competition!

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On April15-16, SkillsUSA Lake Havasu brought its largest delegation of students to the Arizona SkillsUSA championships.  Between Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Drafting, Digital Media Technology, Journalism, Fundamentals Drafting, Interactive Gaming, and Web Design, Lake Havasu High School brought 77 Career and Technical Education students!

SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.  Below you will see the impressive lists of contests that Lake Havasu medaled in.  We did not break the school medal record of 26, coming up short with 20; however, Kristal Norman, Steven Paluch, and Brad Robbins will take 10 CTE students to Kansas City, Missouri to compete against the best SkillsUSA members in the nation.  Primarily, the students’ dedication to long Saturday practices in their chosen vocation is a testament as to why they did so well.

Medals are golden, but they do not tell the whole story.  Every SkillsUSA student, whether a medalist or not, deserves recognition. Congratulations to all!

2014 Lake Havasu SkillsUSA Medalists

Web Design:
1st Place – Georgie Reblin / Jakob Holmes (National Qualifier)
2nd Place – Amanda Martinez / Jacob Coutts
3rd Place – Jenna Van Rooy / Austin Burkholder

Job Interview: 3rd Place - Amanda Martinez

Quiz Bowl:
1st Place – Jacob Coutts, Jakob Holmes, Michael Molina, Shannon McDonald, & Chase Vedder (National Qualifier)

Basic Architecture:
1st Place – Tayler Worthen
2nd Place – Brett Cloutier
3rd Place – Mya Guerra

Basic Mechanical Drafting:
1st Place – Tristan Vass
2nd Place – Alicia Napier
3rd Place – Austin Fullerton

Extemporaneous Speech: 1st Place – Zoe Engracia (National Qualifier)

Interactive Applications & Game Design:
1st Place – Michael Molina / Chase Vedder (National Qualifier)
3rd Place – Coleman Biggerstaff, Zack Casey, and Trevor Gladwin

Promotional Bulletin Board:
1st Place – Sumer Derosa (National Qualifier)

Bridge Building Team:
2nd Place – Wyatt Mason / Jason Cloutier
3rd Place – Starr Light / Wyatt Van Ella

Bridge Building Individual:
1st Place – Brandon Montez
2nd Place – Jonathan Gomez
3rd Place – Ricardo Flores Garcia

* First place students in national qualifying contests will travel to Kansas City, MO in June to compete in their respective contests.

Lake Havasu High School FBLA winners headed to Nashville

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Lake Havasu High School FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) students returned last night from the State Leadership Conference competition held in Tucson, AZ.  Ms. Skemp and Ms. Denny took 16 students, and 4 students brought home a total of 6 plaques. Three of those students will be attending the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Nashville, TN!  Among a pool of 1500 contestants, Lake Havasu’s competition winners were as follows:

James Hooker II took 1st place in the E-Business (web and digital communications) event (National Winner).

Ashley Gomez took 2nd place in the Client Service (professional sales) event (National Winner).

Hunter Wright took 2nd place in the Public Speaking performance event (National Winner).

Nicole Powalisz, Ashley Gomez and James Hooker II placed 5th in the Marketing  event.

The group is looking forward to their FBLA NLC competition in Nashville, TN  from 6/27/14 through 7/3/14.

FBLA State Leadership Conference

Parker High School FCCLA medals at Tucson Spring Conference

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The PHS FCCLA members did an awesome job at our State FCCLA Leadership Spring Conference in Tucson, AZ April 10-12, 2014!  We are so very proud of these winners:

Michell Flores participation, Front of the House event

2nd Place silver medals to Alias Murphy & Caesar Bautista, Illustrated Talk: Alzheimer’s Disease

$100 Cash & 1st Place medal to Robin Martinez, Jr. Impromptu Speaking

$75 cash & 2nd Place medal to Mari MacFarland, Jr. Impromptu Speaking

$50 cash & 3rd Place medal to Juneth Flores, Impromptu Speaking

$75 cash & 2nd Place medal to Maycee Johnson, Sr. Impromptu Speaking

CRUHSD Early Childhood Students shine at the FCCLA Spring Conference & Competition

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Congratulations to the following students for their hard work and accomplishments:

Jodi Fleming, Marissa Petersen & Berenice Ruezga placed GOLD for their project titled “We All Fit Together” and will be competing  at the National FCCLA Conference in San Antonio, Texas this summer.

Teresa Maynard, Hope Larson, and Elizabeth Paddock placed GOLD for their project titled “Communication is a Sign” and are alternates to compete at the National FCCLA Conference in San Antonio, Texas this summer.

Jaquelynn O’Campo & Alana Sellan placed GOLD for their project titled “Be a Bucket Filler” and are alternates to compete at the National FCCLA Conference in San Antonio, Texas this summer.

Helen Garcia & Yarisamar Navejar placed Bronze for their project titled “Role Models.”

In addition, we are extremely proud to announce that Jaquelynn O’Campo was elected to serve as an AZ FCCLA State Officer, VP of Public Relations!

LHHS FCCLA bring home 28 medals from State

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Mrs. Hendry, Mrs. Desper, and Mrs. Strother are so proud!

Recycle and Redesign
Hannah Condie:  Gold (National Contender)
Paige Roose:  Gold (National Contender)
Cassidy Jacobs:  Silver
Jamie Sirianni:  Silver

Fashion Construction
Lexi Doyle:  Gold (National Contender)
Annabel Sandez:  Silver
Claudia Carvajal:  Silver

Literacy Connection/ Story Stretching
Autum Walker:  Silver 1st place
Kaylan Lumpkin:  Silver 3rd place
Briana Carroll:  Silver
Brooke Bell:  Silver
Gillian Needham:  Silver
Bonnie Szabo:  Bronze
Jessica Lara:  Bronze
Nicole Gabriel:  Bronze

Early Childhood Lessons
Lauren Doubrava:  Silver
Tanya Espino:  Bronze

Focus on Children Event
Katheryn Deitch:  Silver
Megan Johnson:  Silver
Lexi Whittaker:  Silver
Marissa Giron:  Silver
Teresa Garcia:  Silver
Sabrina Hillius:  Silver
Sarah Palme:  Silver

Shyla Goodman:  Silver
Liliya Sotelo:  Silver

Life Event Planning
Jenna Hert:  Bronze
Chloe Johnson:  Bronze

Jaquelynn O’Campo to run for FCCLA State Officer

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Jaquelynn O'Campo

Jaquelynn O’Campo is a sophomore at Mohave High School who is actively involved in the FCCLA Early Childhood Chapter.  Although this is only Jaquelynn’s first year in FCCLA, her enthusiasm and ambition allowed her to quickly distinguish herself as a leader.  Her welcoming smile, kindness, and words of encouragement have played an integral role in increasing our chapter membership this year.  In addition, our members are more actively participating in events which many attribute to Jaquelynn’s contagious passion for the FCCLA mission.  The spark that she brings to each meeting has helped ignite a fire of determination within our chapter.  In fact, we have doubled the number of teams who will be competing at Spring Conference in April.

Immediately after the State Officers visited our campus, Jaquelynn was inspired to run for state officer.  Jaquelynn is motivated, fun-loving, likeable, and trustworthy which we believe are all qualities of a successful leader. Not to mention, she is not one to back down from a challenge, either academic or personal. She always finishes what she starts and never lets adversity get her down.  Our chapter whole-heartedly supports Jaquelynn’s desire to run for an FCCLA state officer position!

CRUHSD students medal at Yuma Regionals

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Eight graphics students from Mohave High School participated in Regionals Friday in Yuma, and all eight earned medals:

Job Demo A:  1st Ericha Clary, 2nd Andrew Glomb, 3rd Steven Faatz
Job Open:  1st  Alyssa Dedmon, 2nd Taylor Mayo
Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st Vance Glenn, 2nd Alex Norris, 3rd Josh Kagley

Congratulations to all!

(L-R) Josh Kagely, Alex Norris, Alyssa Dedmon, Andrew Glomb, Taylor Mayo, Steven Faatz, Ericha Clary, Vance Glenn

LHHS FBLA regional competition winners

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Lake Havasu High School attended the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) regional competition at Grand Canyon University. Among a pool of some 500 contestants, Lake Havasu’s competition winners were as follows:

Nicole Powalisz, Ashley Gomez and James Hooker took 1st place in the Marketing performance event.

Hunter Wright won 2nd place in the Public Speaking performance event.

Bryan Toy took 2nd place for the Help Desk performance event.

Ashley Gomez took 2nd place in the Client Service performance event.

Morgan Stockman placed 3rd in the Business Calculations testing event.

Congratulations to all!

FBLA Kingman High School takes awards at Regional Event

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Grand Canyon UniversityFBLA Kingman High School represented well at Arizona’s Region 4 Event at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix on January 29, 2014.  Over 20 schools competed with over 400 participants, and KHS took 7 championships!  The following students won awards:

  • Accounting – 1st & 2nd place: Sonali Madahar, Champion: Haley Anderson
  • Advanced Accounting – 3rd place: Charles Van Vliet, 2nd place: Haley Anderson, Champion: Anna Harter
  • Computer Problem Solving – Champion: Charles Van Vliet
  • Digital Design and Promotion – Championship team: Gerard Pipas & Johnathan Delgado
  • Business Calculations – 2nd place: Gerard Pipas
  • Computer Applications – Championship team: Naomi Ellis & Logan Rucker
  • Word processing – 3rd place: Jack Nix, Champion: Desirae Gonzalez
  • Chapter Sign – 3rd place: Mrs. Gonzalez’s 4th hour
  • Impromptu Speaking – Champion: Ammah Billington
  • Public Speaking 1 – Champion: Desirae Gonzalez